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Helping Estate Agents bring homes to life and then to market

Welcome to Plush Plans, where our dedicated team is proud to offer the very best customer service. With over 20 years of experience in the property market, a close-knit team of experts in the property marketing field.

Whether you are looking to transform sketches into stunning floor plans, generate eye catching photography to replace existing dull property photos or to create a beautiful bespoke brochure that will ensure a wealth of interest in your property or our new cutting edge 3D VR Tour, look no further than Plush Plans.


Image Editing.

You don’t take a Photograph..You make It! 

You can trust our photo experts to add inspiration and warmth to dull and bland photos and in turn drive your property’s interest through the roof…Photo-editing itself continues to make huge improvements all the time and Plush Plans stays at the forefront of the technology…

Floor Plans.

Floor plans have never been hotter. And by that, we mean the demand for them from prospective buyers is enormous.

Agents are also head over heels for floor plans as they win more instructions and sellers also insist on them to generate a huge amount of interest for their properties, making it the ideal time to utilize their effectiveness…

Print & Design.

A beautifully designed and fully bespoke property marketing brochure was, is and will remain the bread and butter of the industry. They say the old ways are the best and while we think our foray into everything state of art boosts sales, we remain certain that a property brochure is still the central component of any marketing plan…

3D VR Tours.

Blow prospective buyers away with 3D Showcase – an immersive online 3D experience that gives buyers a true sense of the feeling of your property before they ever see it in person. We put our industry-leading technology to work for your listing providing you with a cutting edge immersive experience which isn’t possible with photos or 360 tours.

3D virtual tours aren’t just for luxury listings. Our agents leverage 3D walk-throughs to win business across markets, securing their position as technology leaders to set themselves apart from the competition. Also, perfect for:

Shops | Venues | Restaurants | Hotels and Spas | Bars & Clubs | Construction Projects New Home Builders | Schools, Nurseries
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